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It simply means Plug allows you to develop digital applications without writing any line of code. You do not need to understand computer programming as all designs and configurations are done using drag-and-drop interactive tools.

You can build a wide range of applications with Plug with the ability to decide the user interface and experience at every step of the way. The apps can be accessed by both mobile and desktop browsers.

There is simply no restriction on what you can build with Plug, from internal applications such as project management tools and HR process automations to external apps such as CRM tools, order management tools, etc.

You do not need to worry about server configurations and deployment management. Plug has handled all these for you. By clicking on “Publish”, the app automatically gets deployed and accessible to your desired end users.

Definitely! You can update any part of your applications at any point in time. Once you are done, you only need to click on “Publish” to deploy the updates.

You can create programmes that can help with data collection and analysis. These can handle data migration, reporting, and real-time dashboards for your business use cases. Just like applications, there is no restriction on the data tools you can create with Plug.

Your apps and data are protected with top-grade encryption both in transit and storage. We approach security with industry best practices.

In addition, you can configure role-based permissions to ensure sensitive data are only accessible to authorised users.

We’ve built Plug in a way that is easy to use by people without technical experience. Whoever can create a simple presentation slide can build apps with Plug. However, we also have an in-app guide that you can consult at any point in time.

Yes, you can. Click here to request demo and we share the access and guide you through how to use Plug in your organisation.